Hi there, I’m a New Jersey, US-based software developer with more than 10 years of experience in the design and development of various complex applications, ranging from small-business solutions to sophisticated n-tier distributed applications. Strong analytical skills combined with the ability to define strategy and implementation details, theoretical background, and hands-on experience in software development. Constantly improving and developing professional skills by comparing with the world’s best practices.

The most up to date CV can be found here 👈🏻


Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, C#, SQL, Angular, React, Knockout

Professional strengths

  • Proven solid object-oriented programming skills
  • Ability to design and build high-quality solutions to meet business and technology requirements
  • Hands-on experience and deep understanding of projects life cycle, architecture, and implementation details in each application layer
  • Exceptionally strong sense of aesthetics and attention to details
  • Highly responsible and dedicated to quality


Software Development Engineer / Amazon Web Services, Inc. / OCTOBER 2021 - PRESENT

Lead Software Engineer / Lucera Financial Infrastructures / OCTOBER 2019 - OCTOBER 2021

  • Designed and implemented the architecture of service for a trading system using Spring WebFlux and Spring Web MVC
  • Designed and implemented the microservice architecture for an internal user management system, an application for trading currencies as options using Spring Web MVC

Lead Software Engineer / EPAM Systems / MARCH 2016 – OCTOBER 2019

  • Designed and proposed architectural solutions for the current client
  • Designed and implemented the architecture of single page application (SPA) to create widget-based dynamic forms on the client-side by using Angular
  • Implemented a .NET console application to import data from data extracts by fully rewriting previously used SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Package approach by using simpler, fully unit tests covered, easily maintainable code
  • Implemented a single page application (SPA) by using Vue.js, and ASP.NET Core (API, SignalR) to simplify real-time collaborations during SCRUM retrospectives across multiple teams from different locations
  • Implemented a .NET console application to run and orchestrate integration unit tests execution across multiple cloud server instances to optimize execution time
  • Implemented a desktop application to work with legacy source code defined in resource files to help team members easily edit, and update the source code

Lead Software Engineer / ROKO Labs / FEBRUARY 2015 – MARCH 2016

  • Led implementation of a few projects of single page application (SPA) projects, based on ASP.NET Web API on the backend side and Knockout/AngularJS on the client-side
  • Optimized the client-side of single page application (SPA) by rewriting the existing code by using reusable Knockout components
  • Designed and implemented an application to dial into a company’s telephone directory to get employee’s phone numbers by using voice recognition

Lead Software Engineer / EPAM Systems / SEPTEMBER 2007 – FEBRUARY 2015

  • Responsible for project delivery and production support on a small account of 8 team members
  • Led implementation of the transition of critical legacy part of an application to modern web-based architectures
  • Designed and implemented the core of client and server-side code for building, configuring, and displaying complex filters
  • Developed high-performant search service based on Open Data Protocol (OData) to search items stored in the FAST Search backend
  • Developed a few web services to import data from different formats under the supervision of senior developers
  • Implemented a unified module for synchronizing multimedia data between devices based on Windows Mobile, Symbian(S60), Nokia Series 40, and desktop applications on Windows

Software Engineer / Solpro / JUNE 2006 – SEPTEMBER 2007

  • Increased performance of the internal quality control system by more than 30% by using the latest ASP.NET Framework and getting rid of obsolete not optimal code
  • Have redesigned the user interface of the internal quality control system to help employees working with the system by replacing and optimizing user interface components


Master of Science / Saratov State Technical University, Russia / JUNE 2008

Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. The graduation course work was implementing a unified PC-to-device synchronizing multimedia data module. Result represented a complex PC-to-device syncing software with on-the-fly media format conversion for your cell phone or external hard drive.

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